Some of my earliest memories growing up in Europe are of me singing and playing piano. These passions eventually led to my obtaining a masters degree in classical music and piano and, then, to a teaching and performing career.  As a musician I find that I listen “with a different ear”, which helps me hear unspoken messages my clients are sending.  As a teacher I appreciate that people learn in different ways and bring that knowledge to each unique coach-client relationship.

Simultaneously in my youth, I developed a fascination with biology and the human body. However, only many years later, when my 5-year-old daughter was diagnosed with bronchial asthma, did my mind became more focused on the relationship of good nutrition and a healthy body.

My daughter’s severe illness set me on a six-year mission that would take us to countless doctors, major medical centers, and a variety of alternative specialists.  It was necessary for her to drop out of school and to cease all of the extra curricular activities including ballet she so adored. When doctors identified a number of environmental allergens, we took great care to stop exposure to them, but, unfortunately, to no avail.  The turning point came when I was referred to a woman well educated in health and nutrition who gave me several books on the subject. The books discussed which foods to eliminate from her diet, and… within a week’s time my daughter was amazingly free of any symptoms, and remains so until this day.

My scientific interest in health broadened as I moved to a military base after my marriage to a rocket researcher. As a result, I became aware of the missile program’s effect on the environment and people. Years later, while living near Chernobyl at the time of the catastrophic accident, I learned further about the fragility of human body.  As our family had moved to New York, my informal training in human health continued in among other places, the major Wall Street banks and investment houses where I worked as a technical writer and analyst. There I learned first hand how nutritional habits and lifestyles choices caused frequent colds, headaches, obesity, diseases, and a host of disorders, such as sleep and digestive disorders, fatigue, and allergies among my colleagues.  As a consequence, my deep interest in health and nutrition, already well established through my long struggle to help my child, persisted materializing in my completion of an MS program in human nutrition at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned in a way that will help you make the positive lifestyle changes you desire.

I believe we are typically born healthy and so we can remain for most of our lives.  Our health is ours to control − not a matter of bad genes or fate. Proper eating and lifestyle habits are easily learned and are truly fun to maintain.  It is a great pleasure for me, as a nutrition counselor and health coach, to work with you toward improving your health and, thus, the overall quality of your life.