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12 Reasons Why it Pays to Hire a Nutrition Expert

What is health?  You might say something like feeling elevated and optimistic, enjoying good night sleep, pain free, performing any work with ease,  run easily up and down stairs, having good appetite and bouncing and toned body, completing complex tasks that require mental clarity and focus, having libido and normal sex relationship, high energy, and good mood. Yes, these words and others describe good health like capability, proficiency, gift, power, skill, competence, fitness, capacity, strength, might, energy, and vigor, vitality, stamina, soundness of mind and body, or mental and physical vigor.

What is the opposite of health?  Disease, disorder, malady, morbidity, complaint, derangement, pain, or weakness, disability, debility, poor health, fragility, defect, and incapacity.

You do not want this stuff: fatigue and weakness, or sleepless nights, or blurry mind and frequent colds, becoming quickly tired by doing simple things, or irritable because of having pain, or worries, or an annoying rash, or stomach problems, constipation, or high blood pressure, do you? (more…)

How to Escape Jet Lag?

Here are secrets shared by five frequent business travelers who managed to fly tens of thousands of miles on cross-country or international flights with no apparent wear and tear on their health. Continue reading

12 Reasons Why it Pays to Hire a Nutrition Expert

Why would you need an expert in nutrition counseling? Because it’s not that easy to understand what causes your body weight, your diabetes, heart disease, or cancer. There are so many contradicting and misleading concepts about health and food, and treandy diets that only a nutrition expert can teach you how to overcome all these conditions, maladies, and how to lose your weight. Quite often articles on health are written for mere advertising purposes: to sell an omnipotent powder, an herb, some may be useful supplement, or just a trendy quasi-miracle that promises “eternal youth.” They give you a permission to consume whatever you desire if you will add their product to your diet. A hype on an organic chocolate or a wonder-berry may give you an impression that you could get your health right now no matter how weak and ill you are or overweight. Such notions are neither scientific nor realistic, thus, hugely interfering with your health because they send you into a wrong direction. Here are for you 12 reasons why an expert in nutrition is capable to steer you through this maze and help you with your health problem. Continue reading

“Non-GMO” Food Label

In all of the European Union countries, Japan, Australia, China, New Zealand, and many other countries it is mandatory to label foods that contain genetically modified ingredients – it’s not in the U.S.

However, there is a way to find out whether the fruit is a Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) – the sticker.

  • A four-digit number is on any conventionally grown fruit or vegetable (with

Nutritious Cream for Skin

Blend the following smoothly into a cream and apply it on your clean face and neck, except of the area under your eyes for 20 min:

  • Avocado – ripe, ¼ or 1/3 mashed
  • Cucumber – ¼ of small grated (soil grown)
  • Brown rice flour or bran – ½ tsp.
  • Powdered vit. C on a tip of a small knife – about 20-30 mg.

Healthy Green Raw Salad

Enjoy this tasty salad as a complete meal or with avocado, or with one of the following such as fish, meat, seafood, poultry, or feta (sheep) cheese.

Chop the following fresh raw vegetables and mix them together:

  • Romaine lettuce raw – ¼lb. or 3-4 large leaves
  • Red leaf lettuce raw – ¼lb. or 3-4 large leaves
  • Kirby cucumber – 1, medium, thinly sliced

Healthy Weight Loss

Overweight or obesity happen when you take in more calories a day than you use when working, exercising, walking up and down stairs, walking outdoors, running errands, and preparing food – all in the very same day. How can you balance the calories you take in and the calories you burn off? Continue reading

Cold Water Drinking Stops Food Digestion

There is an upper GI-series X-ray test that allows a radiologist to spot a peptic ulcer. Before going through this test one must drink a thick white chalky barium solution, which allows a radiologist to monitor how it moves through your upper GI tract and observe abnormalities. Forty years ago, radiologists noticed that the barium drink when consumed cold would leave the stomach and move to small intestines much quicker as compared to a slower evacuation of a warm drink. This was annoying for radiologists who did not have enough time to watch the process and, thereby, spot a peptic ulcer. Radiologists started experimenting with food and cold-water drinking after eating. This is the way many people have their cold drinks – right after or right before consuming a meal. Continue reading

How Much Calcium is Healthy and from Which Sources?

Bones are a mineral depository in your body, storing 99% of body calcium, 85% of phosphorus, and 60% of magnesium. Only 1% of total body calcium is in the blood. Calcium is required for nerve impulse transmission and muscle contraction, to stabilize a number of proteins and enzymes optimizing their activities, for secretion of hormones like insulin, and for blood clotting. If it is below normal, it can imply that your parathyroid gland’s function is low, or you have vitamin D deficiency, or that your magnesium blood level is low, which happens in alcoholism. Continue reading

Foods that Stop Calcium Absorption

To maintain your body calcium at an optimum level, exclude foods that hold back calcium absorption because they are high in oxalates, phytates, fibers, tannins, sugar, or alcohol and by excluding foods that increase calcium loss because they are high in animal protein, purine, phosphorus, sodium, caffeine, and phosphoric acid. Continue reading