Health and Weight Loss Counseling

What my Health or Weight Loss Program is about?

First, is we assess your health through a comprehensive questionnaire, which is designed to evaluate your health, background, medical history, metabolism, your diet, lifestyle habits, your mental state that would allow us to find the underlying cause of your disorder or disease, and abnormal weight.

The fundamental issues that are important to define and to address for a successful treatment:

  • What nutrients are deficient in your body and why it contributes to your health problem.  For example, you may be deficient in essential fatty acids, vitamins, e.g., D or B group, or minerals.
  • What foods or food ingredients might cause your illness, allergy, fatigue, and pain, and weight gain. What foods you should avoid to live a pain free life and to promote and maintain a healthy body weight.
  • What in your food, environment, or relationships is toxic for you, thus, causing your emotional distress and illness. There are many unexpected sources of toxins in your daily life – you hardly could imagine – that should be detoxified, eliminated, and avoided.
  • What past or current life events hurt deeply your mental and emotional being and might be interfering with your piece of mind and, ultimately, your health.
  • What are the diet or lifestyle habits that contribute to your health; and how you can change eating, sleeping, exercising, and thinking routines to have the healthy slender body and mind you desire.

You want to be healthy and you deserve that.  Your healing starts from within: with your burning desire to be healthy. Although, you will be guided, coached, encouraged, and supported in your actions, and given a blueprint to succeed, the true leader is you. Therefore, you should be determined to address these fundamental things.  I will help you in any aspect of your health, but our journey to your health depends on your consistency in our partnership and your responsiveness. With that, I promise you fun and my undivided attention and love on the road to your success.

Everything we do not like about our health is related somehow to the quality of food digestion. If we were able to completely digest and fully eliminate all the molecules that enter our body through food and water, air, and cosmetics, if our bodies were able to detoxify each foreign and toxic substance, the list of human diseases and conditions would shrink to less than 20% of the current one.

As Homo sapiens, humans have lived at least 100,000 years on this planet;  although, hominids existed for over 4 million years. Throughout their long history, the humans had adopted to certain diet of unpolluted natural food (with no ketchup or soft drinks), water, clean air, and environment.  The more we deviate from natural and unadulterated food and unpolluted water and air, to which our genes have adopted throughout the most of our past history, the worse is our health.  The understanding of this statement alone is a huge help in becoming healthy.

Since the twentieth century, human beings experienced incomparable stress to their body cells because of the introduction of new or non-existent ever, man-made synthetic substances in food and water, air, and cosmetics, for which our body has not yet developed an organ or enzymes to completely neutralize or eliminate of them.

Unfortunately, there is no natural means in our body to detect all multitudes of toxic elements before they harm our lungs, liver, kidney, brain, and heart, and our DNA, or turn our cells to cancerous.  Therefore…

You’ll learn what to avoid in diet and lifestyle to keep your defense systems alert and powerful.

We know our immune system fights tirelessly and fiercely with hundreds of intruders such as bacteria and viruses, or dietary protein we cannot digest.  Another important system that also keeps us healthy is the bicarbonate buffering system (among other buffers) that maintains the acid-base homeostasis of a human body – such a relatively constant plasma pH – and counteracts any force that would alter it. Although, very powerful, these systems are not limitless.  Therefore, we should cooperate and help our body systems in their heavy daily job on keeping us healthy.

If you avoid toxic foods and change unhealthy lifestyle habits that are huge burden for your body systems, you would be able to maintain your health and normal body weight throughout your life easily and almost automatically.  By using our blueprint, you will learn what to avoid for making your body systems be 100% effective at all the times.

Your body and your body functions are unique compare to another person’s – and you’ll learn why.  Although you have same color of your eyes or hair as your mother has (the phenotypic traits), your other traits like blood type or your internal organs could be quite different, as well as your digestive juices’ quantities and qualities, and of your hormones. This implies that foods that serve your mother well might not be as adequate for you. That is why we learn about your biological uniqueness to customize your diet that would fit your individuality.  This will ease and speed up your weight loss and full recovery from your disorder.

You may be allergic to milk, unlike your brother, or your sister, which means you should avoid milk products in your diet.  Your other allergies, whether observable or hidden, we also will discover as we learn more about your body disorders, diet, habits, and your metabolism.

We will determine what is your digestive system’s strength and weakness because you’re not only what you eat, but also what you can digest, assimilate, and eliminate.

You will detoxify your body

We will show you how to detoxify your body through three phases with the help of foods and other nourishment and walk with you at each your step.  Your body will become toxin-free with an improved blood circulation and other body-fluids unobstructed movements, and cells respiration.  As a result, you will rejuvenate: become more energetic, your skin will clear from its impurities and grayish color, your hair will shine and grow thicker, your sleep will charge your body better, your mind will sharpen, and your libido will increase profoundly.

The full detoxification will cleanse your entire body, including organs and body parts such as:

  • liver and gallbladder
  • kidney, bladder, prostate or uterus
  • large salivary gland and small ones, colon, stomach, and pancreas
  • lung, sinuses, and mucus membranes
  • skin, hair, and nails

After you are detoxified, your body nourishment is essential

It’s vital for your body to become more energetic that you would feel like it’s bouncing with joy and it’s charged with an electrical force that some call Chi, Qi, Ki, or Prana.  That force comes from foods that are charged by sun with bio energy or bio photons – from raw unprocessed or otherwise unadulterated green vegetables and fruit, nuts, and seeds that are abundant also with live enzymes crucial for hundreds of body biochemical reactions in digestion and assimilation, and other body processes.  The more we get the live enzymes externally, the less our body has to overwork producing them.  Thus, we can save our body energy by merely not wasting it on actions we can avoid if understanding how to.

You have to also learn how to nourish your emotions and your senses.  So you may choose to add massage, or yoga, acupuncture, or any other modality in addition to your nutrition and weight loss program if you wish.

Your health and weight is not just about your physical body, but also your emotions.

We balance not only your digestive, hormonal, and immune systems, but also your emotions.  Perhaps, you have heard that your emotions, which are related to your subconscious mind, are playing the most important role in your health.  Emotions influence your indigestion, headaches, night sleep, the sharpness of your mind, misdiagnosed disorders, ulcers, or pains of any sort, compulsive eating, impotence, and myocardial infarction, or even sudden death.  Therefore, healing your emotions can change your body biochemistry, and, thus, its physiology.  You are not just what you eat, digest, assimilate, and eliminate.  You are also what you think about most of the time.  This part of you needs an adjustment, so our program is also takes care about your emotions. We treat you as a wholesome human being, so if something in your health and mind is out of balance, we tune you up until all parts of your being are in a harmony.

We spend some time on your lifestyle and environmental issues, which could be a major part of what is going on with your health and weight.

You are a leader in this program as I mentioned in the beginning.  Therefore, you are the one who chooses how much of your time you would like to invest in your feeling well and happy.  You decide whether we are to be together for a few 1-2-hour sessions or for the entire program that could last 4-6 months, involving 3-4 hrs. monthly.

How we interact and how we choose the better program and a payment plan?

The sessions could be in person or on the phone and/or as emails, depending on what is most convenient for you.

For the entire program, we have special discounts and payment plans where 25% discount is applied to an hour session for a 4-months program, and 30% discount is applied to a 6-months program.  No one should feel any financial burden; therefore, we are welcome a payment plan that is convenient for you.

Remember:  Should you withdraw because of any reason, your money that is not spent yet in the counseling will be refunded to you in full upon your request.

We are affiliated with the PayPal.  To make payments via PayPal just go to and open an account, it is quick and easy.  However, if you prefer to pay directly with a credit card, we accept MasterCard and Visa.

Remember your phone call at 1-888-497-9797 is absolutely free and all your questions and my answers are free within the first 15 to 20 min.

Should you decide you want to lose your weight in 60 days, and/or improve your health significantly, just go to PayPal to process your fee, and then, call me.

If you are at a remote city or overseas, after our initial 1.5 hr. session, I will send you a questionnaire via email or a regular mail, which you should answer in writing or over the phone.

After you’ve answered the questionnaire, I will send you your healing and weight loss blueprint, which we will walk you through, step by step, at as many sessions as you want.

Best health to you and a joyful life!

Marta Tereshchenko, MS in Human Nutrition, Nutrition Counselor at

If any questions, write me at, and I’ll reply to you withing three days.

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