Do you know that you can stop your pain and your frustration caused by your weight or your disease if you just change your diet and your lifestyle?  Did you hear that “You are what you eat?”  Would you believe it’s true? Did you ever think your life would be determined by what was on your plate? Do you know that you can change your body energy, eliminate your extra weight, and make your body look and move the way you always dreamed about?  And that you can do all that without spending lots of effort, time and money?

To cure your illness or your obesity, we use a diet of nutritious food well tailored to your needs and taste.  Quite simple, natural, and fun, your diet would be planned, considering your metabolic strength and weaknesses, and your genetic makeup. We humans are typically born healthy, and so we can remain for most of our lives.  Our health is ours to control − and it’s not a matter of faulty genes or fate.

Soon, you’ll be amazed how truly easily you can develop new healthy habits – in eating, dieting, and lifestyle.  That will turn your body and your mind into a joy, high energy, and into being capable to do whatever you couldn’t before.

We train you and consult at our New York, NY and Brooklyn offices.  If you are at another city, town, state or country, you get your health and weight-loss nutrition counseling over the toll-free phone − 1-888-497-9797, and via Skype and email − at any time scheduled in advance.  We also counsel and train groups of 4 to 12 individuals locally and by using teleseminars, webinars, and Skype.


My childhood passion playing piano led me to my Master’s in classical music and piano and to teaching and a performing career. Another fascination of my youth and my entire life was nature, plants and animals biology, and human.

However, then, I did not have a clue that later, in many years, my 5-year-old daughter would be diagnosed with bronchial asthma. I didn’t know that my mind will become obsessed with health and health-and-diet relationship forever. It’s still painful to describe what a severe illness my daughter went through. It set us on a six-year mission that would take us to major medical centers, countless doctors, and alternative medicine specialists.  It was necessary for her to drop out of school and to cease her extra curricular activities. Although, we took great care to stop our daughter’s exposure to environmental allergens, believed to trigger her disease, all the measures were to no avail.

The turning point came when I was referred to a woman well educated in nutrition who gave me several books to read. The books discussed the foods to be eliminated from her diet.  By sticking to that diet… within about 7 days my daughter was amazingly free from any symptoms, and she remains healthy now if she abstains from proteins she is allergic to.

The truly unexpected dramatic changes happened to me and to my husband’s health since we also followed the same diet as our daughter. As a result, it was (1) the disappearance of chronic inflammation of my ovaries, (2) the clearance of my sinuses from the long-years-lasting mucus buildup, (3) my husband losing 15 lbs. of his body-weight, and (4) his high blood pressure normalizing.

This was an astonishment to me!  It felt fantastic and not believable!

That’s why, as we moved to New York from a close-to-Chernobyl city in Ukraine, I have started pursuing a new career and a new degree in health and human nutrition, immersing deeply into science of relationship of dietary and lifestyle choices, and the environment to frequent colds, to allergies, headaches, low energy, auto-immune and inflammatory diseases, diabetes, obesity, cancer, digestive disorders, celiac disease, Crohn’s, IBS, sleep disturbances, fatigue, impotence, depression, arthritis, autism, etc.

The courses of my nutrition MS program made me appreciate the wisdom of biochemistry of myriads of human metabolic processes and the “events” in human cells that are imperative in understanding health failures and recoveries.  I’ve learned that we can make dramatic changes to our health by merely changing our diet and our lifestyle.

As your naturopathic nutrition counselor in health and disease and in your weight-loss diet, I’m honored to guide your steps toward your health and, thus, a higher quality of your life.