How to Escape Jet Lag?

Here are secrets shared by five frequent business travelers who managed to fly tens of thousands of miles on cross-country or international flights with no apparent wear and tear on their health.

A.E., president of a company, Baltimore  – 100,000 miles per year: “Book late-in-the-day flights, do not drink any alcohol the night before or when flying, and do not eat any airplane food. I bring my very light food, and I drink as much water as I can. I try to fall asleep as soon as possible, but I never take drugs. The trick is not to eat too muchan empty stomach helps fight jet lag.”  (Marta’s comment: Bring your best light food proven to provide comfort for your stomach.)

A-M. S., owner, Florence, Italy – 60,000 miles per year: “I meditate before I fly and listen to personalized hypnosis tapes and relaxation tapes. I bring movies on my laptop and loads of water to drink, at least five liters on an international flight. If I drink alcohol, I sleep, but I pay for it in the days after. I also don’t drink coffee or eat sugar when flying and once I arrive, I never take a nap no matter how tired I am.”

P.Y., senior manager, London – 300,000 miles per year: “A good seat is key – and for any overnight flight you want an aisle seat. A window seat leaves you undisturbed, but my experience is you get trapped by person sleeping in the aisle seat. If you landing at the daylight, all the sensory clues are telling body it’s time to start up, not shut down.”

B.C., media consultant, LA – 90,000 miles per year: “If you’re traveling long distance, no matter what, you’re going to feel jet lag. The best strategy is to force yourself to stay up in the new location until bedtime.”

Dr. Helen J. Bergess, Circadian rhythms expert, Chicago – 28,000 miles per year: “The key is to start pushing your body clock in the direction you’re going to travel for at least three days before leaving.

  • If you’re flying east, each day go to sleep and wake up one hour earlier.
  • If you’re flying west, go to sleep and wake up one hour later and wear sunglasses in the morning.

They key is regulating two systems: sleep cycles and light exposure.”

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