12 Reasons Why it Pays to Hire a Nutrition Expert

What is health?  You might say something like feeling elevated and optimistic, enjoying good night sleep, pain free, performing any work with ease,  run easily up and down stairs, having good appetite and bouncing and toned body, completing complex tasks that require mental clarity and focus, having libido and normal sex relationship, high energy, and good mood. Yes, these words and others describe good health like capability, proficiency, gift, power, skill, competence, fitness, capacity, strength, might, energy, and vigor, vitality, stamina, soundness of mind and body, or mental and physical vigor.

What is the opposite of health?  Disease, disorder, malady, morbidity, complaint, derangement, pain, or weakness, disability, debility, poor health, fragility, defect, and incapacity.

You do not want this stuff: fatigue and weakness, or sleepless nights, or blurry mind and frequent colds, becoming quickly tired by doing simple things, or irritable because of having pain, or worries, or an annoying rash, or stomach problems, constipation, or high blood pressure, do you?

How much does your diet contributes to health? How much you think?

In fact, you are what you eat to a large degree!

So when you share your health concerns with your doctor, does he/she teaches you habits that help eliminate your maladies or your obesity?  Most likely not since doctors are trained to use some other tools like drugs and surgeries. And it’s because nutrition is not their strength and expertise since it’s not a part of their conventional school-training.

Like in any science, there are some myths and misconceptions, misunderstandings, insufficient recorded evidence, and just a lot of nonsense about what is healthy for your body. A savvy, well educated, and insightful nutrition guru can steer you through this maze with a blueprint that meets your body needs, that works for you specifically, and gives you clear answers to questions on your health and body weight like, for example:

  1. What foods are causing problems to your health no matter whether you are a child or an adult of any race, ethnicity, or body frame; and how to decipher food labels to avoid ingredients that cause toxicity,  chemical imbalances in your body, triggering your disorders and diseases?
  2. If you’re sick and suffer from pain, which foods and lifestyle habits, which are the underlying cause of your suffer, you may change to stop immeditely and able to maintain your feeling well?
  3. How can you lose your weight, once and forever, in a simple, natural, and healthy way, without using patented remedies or drugs, or manufactured shakes, or sitting hungry?
  4. Why should you or should not you eat meats, and if yes, which ones?
  5. Why should or should not you eat certain dairy produts – milk, cheeses, or fermented products, and which ones are not good for you?
  6. Which cereals and grains or products from them will keep you healthy, and which may nurture  only illness?
  7. Which sugars – from beets, cane, corn, maple, other plants, or honey (glucose, fructose, galactose, sucrose, lactose, maltose, dextrose as syrups, raw, brown sugar, molasses, etc.) – create for you a lot of nasty illnesses and dozens of pounds of extra weight and diabetes?
  8. What kind of spices, condiments, or oils, and salad dressings are suited for your health, and which will truly kill your liver and other vital organs?
  9. What are the toxic environmental matters you’ve never heard of that harm your brain and other organs daily, and what are the hygienic methods and actions to keep them healthy?
  10. Which of your lifestyle habits you can adjust to get your normal health and weight, and glowing skin?
  11. What kind of six-months diet before conceiving your child and then through pregnancy would be the optimal to follow for having a healthy newborn, and how to feed your baby thereafter not to harm?
  12. If suddenly, for an unknown reason, your health declines, a good nutritionist provides for you an intelligent analysis of underlying causes of your disease and aims you with a dietary remedy to quickly fix your health.

These are the reasons to seek for help through diet and lifestyle. Do not delay – preventing a disease or catch a problem at its root before it is incurable is much easier than any treatment when you’re already seriouly ill for quite a while!

Marta Tereshchenko, Nutrition Counselor at http://www.foodandhealthsecrets.com

Call at 1-888-497-9797 between 10 am and 8 pm, and if you get a busy signal, leave a message with your name and phone number to quickly get my help.

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