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Nutritionist Dietitian Marta Tereshchenko, MS Nutrition, CDN – Autism, Arthritis, Autoimmune Disorders, Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Chronic Pain, CHD, CVD, Diabetes, Obesity 1-718-975-3705, Brooklyn, NY.

12 Reasons Why it Pays to Hire a Nutrition Expert

What is health?  You might say something like feeling elevated and optimistic, enjoying good night sleep, pain free, performing any work with ease,  run easily up and down stairs, having good appetite and bouncing and toned body, completing complex tasks that require mental clarity and focus, having libido and normal sex relationship, high energy, and good mood. Yes, these words and others describe good health like capability, proficiency, gift, power, skill, competence, fitness, capacity, strength, might, energy, and vigor, vitality, stamina, soundness of mind and body, or mental and physical vigor.

What is the opposite of health?  Disease, disorder, malady, morbidity, complaint, derangement, pain, or weakness, disability, debility, poor health, fragility, defect, and incapacity.

You do not want this stuff: fatigue and weakness, or sleepless nights, or blurry mind and frequent colds, becoming quickly tired by doing simple things, or irritable because of having pain, or worries, or an annoying rash, or stomach problems, constipation, or high blood pressure, do you? (more…)

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