Overweight or obesity in general happen when you take in more calories a day than you use when working, exercising, walking up and down stairs, walking outdoors, running errands, and preparing food – all in the very same day. How can you balance calories you take in and the calories you burn off?

If you want to melt your body fat in a healthy way, naturally and simply, develop the following two new habits daily: (1) eat smaller and smaller amounts of your usual unhealthy food each day, and (2) move your body more frequently and more extensively daily than you are used to. Do this continuously without a day off.

1. To cut down on unhealthy foods means completely eliminating processed carbohydrates such as different type of (a) sweets – sugars, syrups, pasteurized juices, alcohol, and soft drinks, which are highly fattening and your hormones unbalancing and (b) flour, especially white, in form of hundreds of products such as baked goods, breads, pizzas, pastas, etc.  Dropping these two groups of foods that make you fat and sick is crucial for healthy weight loss.

“What would I eat instead,” you may exclaim?!  Well…

To feel full and energetic, you have to substitute these with fresh green raw salads. See a sample of such salad in my Recipes section. Extremely effective in your weight loss and quickly gaining health such salad consumed twice daily with only olive oil and lemon as your dressing, will fill your stomach up.  Green salads are effective for one’s fat loss not just because of their low calories, but also because their vitamins, minerals, and enzymes invigorate and rejuvenate your body, aid your meal ingredients digestion, and timely elimination. The more you add raw foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to your daily menu, the easier and quicker you lose your body fat.  An avocado, raw soaked almonds, or beans (or a little piece of non-fried meat or fish for meat eaters) with such a salad will keep you satiated, light, and energetic. Learn not to drink with food or right after your meal, instead drink water some half-an-hour before it. Use more fresh cucumbers instead with your meals. You’ll be amazed how quickly the taste buds of your tongue get used to all your dietary changes and new tastes.

In addition to salads, learn to eat five to seven, 5-7, raw fruits daily instead of processed carbohydrates, for example, a box of strawberries, blueberries, or other berries, 2 or 3 apples, melons, pineapple, kiwi, or other.  Make them your snacks instead of (but not in addition to) eating starchy high-calorie, hence, fat-accumulating foods such as corn-syrup+wheat+fat goodies like cookies, pizza, candy bars, baked stuff, frozen foods, chips, crackers, ice creams, and soft drinks.

2. To move your body much longer daily than you normally used to, you may walk up and down the escalators and staircases, then walk down the streets at a higher pace than your usual. In addition, walk 30 min daily as your daily-routine exercise.  Prepare food yourself at home and bring it to work.  Preparing your food allows you to (a) move your body longer daily, instead of sitting and (b) to control what is it in your food. Spend only 30-45 min watching TV if at all, and even then – work out on the floor or standing up while listening to TV. Find someone in your family who likes to walk like you, or bike, or exercise with weights, or swim, or hike — which makes the exercise more fun and pleasure.

Note:   (1) Eat all healthier foods that keep you lean instead of unhealthy foods (substituting each of them), but NOT in addition to them to lose your weight quickly, easily, effectively, and surely, and get healthy. Again, do eat 1-2 large raw green salads and 5 to 7 fruits daily.

(2) Avoid hanging out with people who love junk foods.  Your dear friends with lifestyle that is unhealthy affect your life in an unwanted way.

See more on obesity and weight loss in our next publication.

This is a generalized advice for weight loss because in each and every single case of fat loss I design for you a diet that is based on many peculiarities of your health, unique body type, ethnicity, and your lifestyle — just what is the best and effective for your health and body weight.

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Marta Tereshchenko, Nutrition Counselor